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Here you will find exclusive lashes, korean high quality Mink and silk lashes, newest designs and classic elegance lashes that turns your clients into true goddess of beauty. We are different from other companies: as we only sell what we believe is good for our clients and our products are exclusive. You can purchase our brand only on our website and nowhere else unlike most other products, that can be bought on “ebay”. Our mission is to help Lash stylist all other the world to understand the science behind eyelashes extensions so that they can choose themselves what is good…






PNNB Master Lash Stylist

They are the eyelash stylists that apply lashes with great precision. A PNNB Master Lash stylist is selected to receive the title and the right to make use of the PNNB Master Lash Stylist logo based on their high-level performance in lashing technology. They have carried the name of being an PNNB Lash expert for at least 6 months.

To become a PNNB Master Lash Stylist, it is required that you have passed the exam as a minimum + a minimum 6 months as PNNB Lash Expert:

Classic Single


Advanced Lashing

Chemistry behind eyelash extensions products

PNNB Lash Expert

They are the eyelash stylists who have undergone intensive training in Classic single and Russian volume at advanced level at PNNB ACADEMY, and master all techniques at expert level. As PNNB Lash Expert one is also an expert in knowledge of the ingredients and chemistry of various products that are used.

After a final Lash Expert exam you will receive a certificate on your new title and obtain the right to use the PNNB Lash Expert logo.

Admission courses:

… Classic single

… Volume lashes

… Chemistry behind eyelashes


PNNB Lash Specialist

They are the eyelash stylists who have been through intensive training in both Classic single and Russian volume. They are specialists in applications and techniques of making eyelashes enhancements, and understand perfectly the basic of chemistry of the ingredients used in making eyelashes. To be awarded the title and obtain the right to use the PNNB Lash Specialist logo, you must at least have passed the exam in the courses below.

(enter admission courses here)

… Classic single lashes

… Russian volume lashes

PNNB Lash stylist

They are the eyelash stylists who have undergone intensive training in Classic or Russian volume. They have received all the necessary knowledge and practical training that they successfully passed through several weeks of intensive eyelash training.
PNNB Lash stylists title and logo are assigned individually depending on the student’s performance in relation to PNNB ACADEMY’s requirements. You must at least have passed the following exam in the courses below.
– Classic lashes
– or russian volume lashes



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