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About Us

I’m Mary Pasnin, the owner of PNNB salon, PNNB ACADEMY, DLUX PROFESSIONAL Danmark and Sweden.  
I began my career in the Eyelash Extension industry in 2011. At that time the eyelash industry was not so big in Danmark, and I was very skeptical about the glues onto the Danish market due to allergies and reactions. I used to be a science student and the change from science studies to the beauty business was a big change, but still very exciting. So I attended my first basic lash course from a company in Sweden which eyelash glue was developed by a cancel doctor! At that time, I was also educated as a nail technician, and has a very good business running.

My business grew very fast, substantially from the early days, it was special for me as Danmark was still new to me. I just came from Mauritius 8 months earlier. I had a good business and 90% returning happy clients because of the great and beautiful results but mostly because of the longevity of my service.   
I was fascinated with the art of Eyelash Extensions, due to the creative aspects, the science behind it and the ability to help woman feel more beautiful and confident in themselves.  
Already from the start, I had this dream of having an academy, a brand and my own products. My passion and curiosity for the industry was my obsession to success.  In 2013, after long research and products testing, I finally get a trademark on PNNB in PNNB Lashes which was approved in EU for eyelashes school and eyelashes products. At that time, I was only training my own employees, and wanted to start the school into our brand-new clinic, of over 140m2, but I got way too busy with the salon, that I was unable to start it. By then my business was growing and the eyelashes industry too. But there was a big problems in the eyelash industry like never before. The focus of providing long lasting eyelashes to customers, was lost into focusing in eyelashes’ competitions. A lot of new products keep coming onto the market, no one is being skeptical enough. From my studies in science chemistry, some of the new technologies does not make any sense prior to eyelash extensions. 
I finally in 2018, put together a great online academy with focus on durability of eyelash extension at molecular level where the focus is into, what eyelash stylist should be aware of to make long lasting eyelash extensions and the chemistry behind eyelash extension. My love for science and beauty business are what give me the drives to begin offering comprehensive and intensive online training courses in eyelashes, so that I can share my knowledge and experience in the eyelash industry of the last 7 years to others. 
I love helping others in real life as in business, this is something I’m very passionate about as I didn’t get the chance to be helped. Making mistake is always the biggest lesson in life and also in eyelashes industry, everything had to be tried, and tested so that I can be able to help other aspiring Lash Stylists. This give me the power to teach others to avoid those mistakes in the early process of learning so that they can build a successful business for themselves, which is very rewarding for me. 

I am different compares to other lash stylists, I didn’t participate in competitions or win any price. I have my 7 years experience with clients, products and knowledge in ingredients of the eyelash industry. I know chemistry and I used it in combination with my work to understand how products should work and works together. My rewards are my clients satisfactions and my 2 months waiting list for having an appointments. To be able to say no to new clients are sign for success, which is a “price winning” for me. I don’t need to prove myself to the world, that I am good in what I do, as I know it through my clients. We are 5 girls in my clinic to become 7 girls by end of the year 2018. We are 3 doing eyelashes treatments and 2 more to come. We are all over full time in the clinic and fully booked. This is what I want to teach, how you can make long lasting lash extensions to your clients so that you can build an unbeatable business. I have numerous courses title, a trademark in eyelash products and school in EU, and have teached all my girls how to apply eyelashes the right way. Some times it has been hard to change bad habits of stylists as the informations they have collected or was teached are corrupted and does not really worked in practiced. Now it is time for me to teach you everything that really work for clients, that you were not told and will never be told as the eyelash industry is growing too fast and new untested technology is coming in.

I have this year developed the first mobile app in the world that has focus only into eyelashes extensions online training. It is a very intensive and comprehensive training as well as offering the safest and highest quality supplies of eyelash products to Lash Stylists worldwide via PNNB Lashes. Our courses are not on 2 or 4 days, it is 3 months hard training, where you will have to pass each topics to be able to move forward. It is hard but in the end, you will know everything you need to know to make the best good looking and long lasting eyelashes extensions. What I am bringing to you is authentic. We have also made a lot of mini documentation of – “salon should not “ for you, so you can understand how everything is related with eyelash extensions work.

You can read more on our online training and products on the website, and download our mobile app and start chatting with us, if you have any questions. We will answer your messages instantly.

Best Regards