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How does PNNB ACADEMY online courses work? 

2 day course + 3 months online træning & support

It is very easy to start taking courses with PNNB ACADEMY WORLDWIDE ONLINE TRAINING in eyelashes extensions. The courses are available entirely online, and don’t require your physical presence at any specific location or time. Students unfamiliar with distance education may be asking themselves “How do online classes work?” The reality is that classes are laid out online much the same way that they would be in a classroom, it’s just that students don’t have to travel to that classroom to take part of it. Everything is manage online via PNNB ACADEMY Mobile app. The best part of it is that you get more time to focus and study online than to be present in a classroom of 10-15 stylist on a 2 to 4 days courses. Our online training provides you 3 months courses on eyelashes extensions with free support. 

For you that need to come to class, we provide 2 intensive training day + online training for your classic & volume lashes courses & final exam in our academy. If you live abroad, it is not necessary to come to classes, as our online training is made to help and create eyelashes stylists.  

Access to online courses

To take a PNNB ACADEMY online course in eyelash extensions, first you need to register an account https://www.pnnbacademy.com/my-account/and activate it. Then, enroll in your purchased courses on our mobile app, that you can find on App Store for Iphone and Play Store for android phones. PNNB ACADEMY app is specially made for eyelash extensions courses. 

How to activate your account? 

After you have registered your email address on our webshop, you will see a message prompting up for you to check your email account’s inbox for an activation link.

Once you receive this, click on the link in it to activate your account.  If you don’t see it in your inbox, check your spam, junk or trash folder.  You can also add [email protected] to your email address book, to ensure that all messages sent from the course website successfully reach you.

Logging On. To get started with your online class, students just need a phone. Once these requirement have been met, students can start completing coursework at anytime and anywhere. For example, you can be traveling on the train or bus and read your courses and watch your tutorials at the same time from you phone without problem. First, students will need to download our application app from App Store or Play Store. They need to create a password to the registered mail and then they can access their purchased course via the mobile app. They can also see all available courses online and their contents but do not have access to the tutorials and reading material. The app is very easy to use. In case students need help, they just can go in the chat section in the dashboard and start a conversation with her teacher or admin. 

Listening to and Reading Lecture Material. Just as if you were in a regular classroom, your course will begin by listening to or reading  lectures from your professor, which is usually recorded and uploaded onto the main site or presented as a text or slideshow document, and tutorials videos on the mobile app. Depending on the course, students may need to listen to or read lectures every day or just once or twice a week. Just like in any other class, students should be taking notes as they go though the notes.

Important to know about your online training. 

There are no start date on our online training, you can start whenever you feel ready, but remember that from day 1 you log on, you have 3 months access to your course. All general informations and content of each courses are available on ONLINE TRAINING on our website. Further details of the course you purchase will be send to you privately on email. Our online training is very intensive and includes at least 15 topics per course. Enrollees participate in courses by watching pre-recorded videos, completing assignments, and engaging in discussions with your peers in an online discussion forum and chat system.

Test and assignments 

For each topic, you will have a questionnaire including 1 to 3 assignments, for example,  multiple choice questions : What time of the lash growth circle, do eyelashes stop growing and rest? , or assignments : provide me with a picture of how you create a 3D, 4D, 5D volume lashes and make a half full graph paper of 4D lashes as shown on the ( provided picture) in the assignment. Each assignment and test needs to be approved by your teacher or admin before you are allowed to move to the next topics. 

You can find additional help and answer by chatting with us through the chat area on your mobile app. All of these tasks can be completed at your convenience – there’s no need to “come to class” at a particular time of day, although some assignments do have due dates.  Deadlines and due dates display in local time and use a 24-hour clock, so be sure to carefully check the time at which an assignment is due.  So if you are quick enough, you can finish you courses successfully in 3 months where you become a fast and skill lashes technicians due to our intensive courses and free support for 3 months .

Completing Assignments. 

Most of the assignments for your online training need to be completed online. On each topics of any courses, at the bottom of your online training, is where these assignments can be found. Some will need to be completed online and some off. All will come with deadlines and students will need to make sure to upload or complete the work before the deadline if they want to get credit and move to next topics. Most courses will combine shorter assignments with a larger long-term assignment. After completing all your topics of the courses, there is a final exam with a theory part and a practical part which normally is e.g to make a new set of eyelashes extensions in the particle courses. For this exam, you will be judged on your skill to make a perfect set, which straight lashes, clean work, hygiene, eyes form etc. Most of our student have high grades and complete the challenges successfully as they are allowed to focus only on 1 part of the subject at a time compare to most eyelashes courses available on the market, where it take over 1 year to become good. 

Engaging in Discussion. PNNB ACADEMY provide you with our international eyelashes community group on facebook where you can interact and see others work. The eyelash stylists are all around the world. Students has also a lifetime access to our chat system though our app and have access also to our online aftercare and customers ingredients book. Online training are easy to access and participate. We have gathered all the informations you need to become the best in the eyelashes fields and a successful businesswoman. 

Our Teaching Material

All of our teaching materials are supported by laws, theory and test in science combined with eyelashes extensions. We have ourselves done  a lot of that research and experiments to make sure that we are giving you the right information about eyelash extensions. Comparing our teaching materials with others, we feel very strong and confident in the field as our materials are authentic, supported by own experiences in the eyelash industry and customer’s experience.

All our teaching material are copyright protected and PNNB ACADEMY has a trademark in lash school in EU. Any copy made or shared to a third party is strictly illegal and can be sued in court.