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Dates for 1 day training 2018
the 28/10, 4/11, 11/11, 18/11, 2/12 & 9/12

For Booking: [email protected]

1 day training at PNNB ACADEMY

Your 1 day training in the academy is based on the following:

Once you have reached module 7 online on your eyelashes education, you must meet up for 1 day teaching in the salon mostly for new eyelashes stylist.

On the teaching day it starts at 10 a.m where we will go through the following:

1. The eyelashes theory you have read and passed online via our mobile app

2. Explanations of how to apply eyelashes on a dollhead, and then you’ll may do the same where we help you at the same time. Practicing in about 1:30 – 2 hrs

3. 30 min break

4.Your model will arrive at 14:00 o’clock.

5. We will show you how to choose the right lashes in relation to your customer’s eyes (it will be easy for you to understand as it is in one of the modules you need to go through before going to class)

6. You must do the same on the same day, and we will guide you.

7. We finish the day with your questions & answers together with what we think you should work on at home in relation to your online assignment’s and training.

8. From home you must continue your education online and continue to practices at least once a day on the doll head and send your assignments for correction via the app.

9. When we can see that you are in control of applying beautiful lashes, you will be allowed to do it on live model.

10. Your assignments must be sent through the app for approval,

11. Final theory exam is online and from your eyelashes assignments, we will evaluate if you are ready to be a certified PNNB Lash stylist.

12. We offer Day 2 teaching if we can see that you need extra help.

13. Final exam will be held in the academy premises.