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Mary is the founder of PNNB salon, PNNB ACADEMY mobile application, PNNB Lash and Owner of Dlux Professional Danmark & Lashinc Academy Danmark

She has 7 years of experience in making eyelashes extensions and introduced PNNB ACADEMY intensive eyelashes education’s concept onto the eyelashes industry. Her eyelashes training is partly online and live which has been proven to work effectively.

She is the Master trainer at PNNB Lash ACADEMY in Eyelash extensions – Classic, Volume & Chemistry behind eyelashes extensions.

The following is a but her journey since she started into the beauty industry

2011 – Owner of Nail Desire
2012 – Certified lash artist by Novalash & BellaBeauty
2013- Change of name of company, start PNNB companies up
2014 – Acredited trademark for lash school & products in EU
2014 – Produced first PNNB Lash
2016 – Certified Phibrows artist
2018 – Launched of PNNB Academy mobile app & online training worldwide & Dlux Professional Danmark
2018 – Launched of the first online lash training in Danmark
2018 – Become a Lash inc Salon & Academy Danmark
2018 – Norminated best 50 lash Educators in the world by Lash inc
2018 – Lash inc online judge 2018 for lash competition.
2018 – Acredited and certified international trainer by Lashinc

2019 – sponsor for firstlashqueen eyelash competition 

2019- Speakers in chemistry behind eyelashes at the Global eyelash conference in Tokyo

2019 – vip sponsor of VIP Beauty league Norway