Meet our team





Mary is the founder of PNNB salon, PNNB ACADEMY mobile application, PNNB Lash and Owner of Dlux Professional Danmark & Lashinc Academy Danmark

She has 7 years of experience in making eyelashes extensions and introduced PNNB ACADEMY intensive eyelashes education’s concept onto the eyelashes industry. Her eyelashes training is partly online and live which has been proven to work effectively.

She is the Master trainer at PNNB Lash ACADEMY in Eyelash extensions – Classic, Volume & Chemistry behind eyelashes extensions.

The following is a but her journey since she started into the beauty industry

2011 – Owner of Nail Desire
2012 – Certified lash artist by Novalash & BellaBeauty
2013- Change of name of company, start PNNB companies up
2014 – Acredited trademark for lash school & products in EU
2014 – Produced first PNNB Lash
2016 – Certified Phibrows artist
2018 – Launched of PNNB Academy mobile app & online training worldwide & Dlux Professional Danmark
2018 – Launched of the first online lash training in Danmark
2018 – Become a Lash inc Salon & Academy Danmark
2018 – Norminated best 50 lash Educators in the world by Lash inc
2018 – Lash inc online judge 2018 for lash competition.
2018 – Acredited and certified international trainer by Lashinc

2019 – sponsor for firstlashqueen eyelash competition 

2019- Speakers in chemistry behind eyelashes at the Global eyelash conference in Tokyo

2019 – vip sponsor of VIP Beauty league Norway



Classic lashes Trainer

Shanthiyaa Jeseetharan is PNNB ACADEMY’s  freelancer as Classic lashes Instructor in south Jylland. She started in the beauty industry in the spring of 2017.

Shanthiyaa is educated as single eyelash extensionist and has been to a lot of workshops and courses in eyelashes extensions .

Shanthiyaa is very ambitious, passionate, a perfectionist and is very professional in what she does. Shanthiyaa has shown interest in teaching lashes with us and has successfully completed her instructor training online, which is internationally approved by Lash Inc and PNNB ACADEMY.

Now, Shanthiyaa is ready to take her career to the next level with us, and we are really pleased to have her on our team. 

A little more about Shanthiyaa is that In March 2019 she participate in the Danish championship in Classic lashes for the first time in the category Classic junior and received a satisfactory 4th place. Today, Shanthiyaa makes eyelashes extensions, lash lift, eyebrows in her little clinic BLOOM beauty in grinsted in south Jylland.  

We are glad to have Shanthiyaa on our instructor team to help our students in learning of making beautiful and long lasting lashes. 

Sabine Foldager

Sabine Foldager

Brand Ambassador and Lash lift trainer

Sabine Foldager

Sabine became Brand Ambassador for Dlux Professional in 2019 after trying our products and felt in love with it. Sabine has 4 years of experience as a Lash technician, and is internationally certified. She mastered both Classic single and Russian volume technology, and has extensive experience with lash lift. She is very passionate about the art of making lashes and is a perfectionist when it comes to details, which reflects in her work as a lash artist.

Sabine is also educated in health care, and has experience with management, medicine and nursing through her 5 years of service in the health and care sector. PNNB ACADEMY is very proud and please to have Sabine on our team. Sabine work as a freelancer with us as lash lift   and is undergoing training as Official Lash Inc. Trainer.

Daily Sabine works as lash technician at B’licious in Lyngby Hovedgade. Sabine just won 2 great prices at the “world series international lash conference” eyelashes competition in her category. She won 2ndplace in classic lashes and 3rdplace in 2D-3D volume lashes. We are so proud and happy to have her on our team and we are looking forward for more greatest to come.