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– Questionaires and online exam
– International workshop certificate
– eyelashes adhesives at a molecular level

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What Will I Learn?

  • The different adhesives in the world of eyelashes
  • What is an adhesives?
  • Understanding how an adhesive works at molecular level
  • When and how eyelash glue cure?
  • How does curing of eyelash glue affects lash extensions?
  • How does working environment affects eyelash extension?.
  • Solutions for long lasting of eyelash extension
  • Phase changes inside eyelashes glue
  • How to promote a better adhesion of eyelashes extensions
  • Humidity and eyelashes glue
  • how to choose the best eyelash glue
  • Access to free tutorials and informations for 3 months after registrations
  • Free support for 3 months
  • Certificate on completion and pass writing test.

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