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Dlux supreme mink – C


Type. Eyelash extension supreme mink type

Line. 18Line

Thickness 0.15mm

Curl C.

Mix length 6-15mm

PBT material. It is made of high quality mink, soft to the touch and easy to apply. You can achieve both classical and dramatical look from our editions using Classic techniques or advanced lashing techniques.

Learn more on the different techniques on our online training and download our mobilapp. We offer you 3 months free support after registration on our courses. You can also watch some of our tutorials videos on instagram or Facebook @pnnbacademy.

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Dlux Professional Lashes are the best eyelashes extension in the world. PNNB ACADEMY chooses to provide you with Dlux professional supreme Mink in Mix length as it is the best Korean mink on the market.

You can choose between C, CC and D curls lashes with thickness of 0.15 mm from this collection.The box are of 18 lines for the length of 6mm to 15mm.
Exactly what is needed for perfect enhancement of your customer’s lashes!

How to apply from the tray

1. Remove a strip from the tray.

2. Place the lash strip onto your lashes plate.

3. Make sure the two ends of the strip are secure.

4. Carefully pick the lash from the strip with your tweezer.

Hints and tips on suitable types curls

J-Curl Creates a natural look to the lashes as it is the straightest curl.

B-Curl Medium Curl slightly curlier than J-Curl and easy to use on all eye shapes.

C-Curl Curlier than J and B and will enhance the look of the lashes.

CC-Curl is curlier than C and is one of the nyeste curl, enhance the look as needed if clients want more than C.

D-Curl Extremely curly, ideal for a Glamorous look and can be used on straight or curly lashes.

DD-Curl more curly than D, ideal for volume lashes if Glamorous look is needed.

L-Curl A longer length for a fuller lash with longer bonding than other curl types. Less of a curl and more of an angle. 

LC curl has a straight base and a C-curl at the tip of the lashes. It gives the natural look with a proper visibility of the lashes for clients with straight lashes 

Recommended Lengths to use whilst applying

8mm-short extension for the inner and outer eye

9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm- most popular size for middle lashes

13mm, 14mm-,point use and outer eyes, suitable for special occasions.

These are the best quality extension lashes at an unbeatable price! 

Learn more about applying lashes extension on our online courses and watch our short tutorials and pictures of how the different curls looks on clients on our instagram and facebook.

Short tutorials are available on our instagram and facebook of how to use our lashes, and online training with video tutorials and complete step by step manual with 3 months free support are also available on our mobile app.

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Mix length ( 6-15mm)

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