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PNNB Round volume tweezer


PNNB round volume tweezer is one of our favorite volume lashes tweezers. They are the best to use for making perfect volume fans for volume lashes application. The tweezer is soft and easy to use.

We advice to use PNNB Round volume with the following:

PNNB Slim angled , Curved or Ultimate tweezers

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The PNNB gold tweezer are made of Japanese Steel gold plated. They are our premium series of eyelash extension tweezers. They are very easy and soft to use, very elegant and long lasting. Compare to other tweezer on the market, PNNB gold series tweezers, are of high quality and does not change colour and are very light in weight.

In this series, you have the following type of tweezers :

1.Strong curved ,2.45 degrees, 3.Ultimate, 4.Curved tweezer, 5.Slim straight, 6.slim angled , 7.light volume, 8.volume tweezer, 9.round volume and 10.L-type volume tweezers.

PNNB chooses to have the tweezers with name on, to guide you lash stylists what you use them for.

You can read more on our online training and learn how to get access to our full video tutorials and get access to complete step by step manual with 3 months free support on our mobile app.

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